General Terms and Conditions of Use of Instagram Posts. 

We love discovering our products in your homes and we may sometimes ask for permission to use your photos on our website www.tikamoon.co.uk
The photos are mainly published on the respective product page of our website, to give our customers an idea of their real uses, and in the #Tikamoon gallery on our blog. In some cases, they may also be posted on one of our other channels, such as Instagram, Facebook or Newsletters. In some cases, they may also be published on one of our other channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Newsletters, in our social ads. By responding to our request to publish your content, you are agreeing to the following General Terms and Conditions of Use:

1. Uploading of photos to the Tikamoon Gallery 

Any photos posted on social media with the hashtag #tikamoon or tagged @tikamoonuk may be selected by Tikamoon to feature on the website www.tikamoon.co.uk, on the blog: www.tikamoon.co.uk/blog/ and/or in newsletters. All the photos that will be published on social networks with the hashtags "#tikamoon" or identified @tikamoon are likely to be selected by Tikamoon to appear on the website: www.tikamoon.co.uk, the newspaper: www.tikamoon.co.uk/blog/, in our newsletters, on our social networks and in our social ads. Your profiles need to be 'public' for us to be able to see your photo. Otherwise, your photo will not be visible and cannot be selected. 


2. Photo selection criteria and visual charter 

Tikamoon will select photos that highlight the brand's products and that best reflect the brand's image and ethos. The photos must show at least one Tikamoon product in a prominent way. Selection of photos will be based on size and quality, as well as the visual appeal of the photo. In no case must the photos contravene public order, common decency or current legislation. We prohibit the publication of any photos that could be deemed violent, dangerous, threatening, defamatory, offensive, hateful, discriminatory, profane or pornographic. 
Tikamoon does not accept any obligation to use the photos, even when they comply with all the conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions. If your photo is selected from a social network, you will receive a comment from the official Tikamoon @tikamoon, Tikamoon Spain @ tikamoon.es, Tikamoon UK @tikamoonuk, Tikamoon Italy @tikamoonIT or Tikamoon Germany @tikamoonde page. Please reply with the hashtag '#yestikamoon', in order to give your consent and accept these Terms and Conditions. 


3. Transfer of photo rights 

Participants certify that they own the copyright of the published photo and that they have model releases for the people appearing in the photos. The publication of photos showing minors assumes that you have previously obtained the consent of their legal representatives. By uploading your photos and posting content in the Gallery, you agree to the display of your photo in all the following media: online stores www.tikamoon.com, www.tikamoon.it, www.tikamoon.co.uk, www.tikamoon.de, www.tikamoon.es and in all media dedicated to promoting the brand (marketing campaigns, catalogues, social networks and other communications with customers). By submitting a photo, you grant Tikamoon free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive and royalty-free licence rights. You grant Tikamoon the right to use, modify, change and reproduce all or part of the photographs, directly or indirectly, using any technical process and on any medium, in particular on its online store, on the various social networks on which Tikamoon is active and in all communications with our customers. Participants agree not to take any action (including on behalf of third parties) of any kind related to the use of images as described above against Tikamoon or any persons acting on their behalf.


4. Request to delete a photo 

You can request the deletion of a photo at any time. There is a 'report' button at the bottom right of each photo should you wish to report the content. 


5. Processing of personal data

The personal data concerning you that is collected in connection with the uploading of a photo is used by Tikamoon in order to integrate your photo in the various media described above and to ensure the promotion of Tikamoon's brand image. In accordance with the French Loi informatique et libertés (data protection act) of 6 January 1978 and the French Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données à caractère personnel (general data protection regulation) of 27 April 2016, you may access your data, have it corrected, request the limitation of processing and define directives applicable after a death by sending an email to the following address: donnees-personnelles@tikamoon.com or a letter by post to the following address:
4 Bâtiment, Allée du Progrès 59320 ENGLOS.