Solid oak: A fine, high-quality, hard-wearing wood.

As a solid wood furniture specialist, the quality of the furniture we provide is of utmost importance to us. Each piece of wood selected is characterised by its own unique features.

Originally used for building boats, oak is now the ultimate material for home furnishings. This sturdy, cosy, and durable product is sourced in Europe. A wide range of shades are available, from the lightest to the most intense, depending on its place of origin. Renowned for its durability, it is used to make high-quality furniture that is passed down from generation to generation...

Oak Aesthetics


Oak ranges in colour from light brown to golden brown and develops a beautiful patina over time. This living material features visible grains and an intense texture. It is also distinguished by its 'netting'; these woody spokes start at the heart of the tree and give each piece of furniture a unique identity. Solid oak is soft to the touch and boasts a warm appearance. It suits all interior design styles and can be combined with other materials such as metal or marble.

To maintain the natural beauty of solid oak furniture, we recommend avoiding overheated rooms and placing it in close proximity to heat sources.

Resistant oak


Oak is a robust material, appreciated as much in furniture creation as in carpentry, wooden flooring, or the restoration of historic buildings. Rich in tannin, it is slow growing, making it dense, heavy, and exceptionally strong. Although it's naturally impregnable, meaning resistant to water and external attacks, it's advisable to protect it with an oil or a varnish when it's intended for use in a bath or shower room. All our oak pieces have already protected by an oil or a varnish: ready for you to take home and enjoy.

The vast majority of Tikamoon's solid oak furniture is made from Grade A wood, the highest quality distinction: it is the very heart of the tree that is crafted, which ensures a uniform colour, utmost strength, and a long-lasting piece of furniture if it is properly maintained.

This living material features visible grains and an intense texture.

Sustainable oak


Native to Europe, oak is found in abundance in our climates. It is a fine wood that ages very well. Solid oak furniture maintains its beauty through the years and any house moves.

The vast majority of Tikamoon's solid oak furniture is FSC® certified, which guarantees that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

Chêne pour tous les styles

For all tastes

Whether you prefer classic or contemporary style, solid oak brings warmth, character, and charm to your home. Table, chair, dresser, bookcase, bathroom furniture, bedside table... anything is possible. Choosing to furnish your home with solid oak means opting for authentic furniture with a unique look: every tree is different, and is each of our pieces, and that's exactly what we love!