Solid teak: luxury, moisture-proof and for indoor/outdoor use.

As specialists in premium handcrafted solid wood furniture, we pay special attention to the quality of the furniture we stock for you. The woods we select retain all the nobility of the tree, preserving its living beauty. Whichever wood is chosen, each is remarkable for its unique characteristics.

Particularly sought after for architecture and furniture, teak is ideal for creating furniture that is used in humid locations or which needs to be weatherproof, such as bathroom and outdoor furniture (terrace, garden, balcony, etc.). It is a premium, dense, rot-proof (moisture-resistant), durable wood that has a unique fragrance, which everybody loves. It has a very aesthetic look, full of somewhat exotic elegance and comes in a wide range of shades ranging from light honey to bronze or brown with dark veining. Recognised for its durability, it is used for furniture that will last a long time. It’s a timeless choice that lasts for years without ever going out of style.

Teak Aesthetic


Public benches in English parks are made of teak that is nearly a century old. Originally a pretty golden colour, they have taken on a superb silvery grey patina over time. Some prefer the original colour of the young wood, others appreciate the patina that develops over the years when the piece of furniture has been outside for some time... but everybody likes the exotic chic, timeless and premium character of teak that appeals to all generations.

Teak is a class 4 wood, i.e. it can be used for interior and exterior furnishings. If you prefer to keep its original, warm shade, we advise you to protect your furniture with a suitable oil, especially if it is garden furniture.

Durable teak


Teak is a variety of wood that has remarkable characteristics. It is a very durable wood in fact that doesn’t weather much in either rain or sun. Basically, this wood is really perfect for outdoor furniture. Moisture resistant, it is also ideal in the bathroom or shower room, which can experience significant variations in humidity.

Although it is basically weatherproof, we advise you to protect if you want to preserve its original shade however.

It has a very aesthetic look, full of somewhat exotic elegance and comes in a wide range of shades ranging from light honey to bronze or brown with dark veining.

Teak sustainability


Teak is a fast-growing tree that grows in a forested area and requires very little water. It is naturally rich in silica, which makes it rot-proof, insect-resistant and weather-resistant. It’s a wood with exceptional durability and remarkable longevity.

It’s always important to know the origin of the teak that was used to manufacture your furniture. Tikamoon teak furniture is made with wood from government-controlled plantations in Indonesia, which is part of a sustainable development process. Most of our teak furniture is FSC® certified, which guarantees that the wood used for the furniture comes from forests that are managed in an environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial way.

Teak style


Used for Scandinavian, exotic, and colonial styles and every style in between, teak is more popular than ever for contemporary decor. Both timeless and completely on trend, it is a variety of wood that lasts through the years and always looks surprisingly modern.