Solid sheesham: precious, rare and robust

As specialists in premium handcrafted furniture in solid wood, we’re very careful about the quality of the furniture we offer you. The woods we select preserve the nobility of the tree and its living beauty. Each species is remarkable for its unique characteristics.

An exceptional wood. Sumptuous, surprising, stylish: there’s no shortage of adjectives to describe it. Its technical characteristics, too, border on perfection: it’s one of the most robust wood species in the world! Highly coveted by cabinetmakers, sheesham is also used to make certain musical instruments. It resists the test of time without any damage, which is probably why, in France, it’s the traditional gift for celebrating a 65th wedding anniversary!



Sheesham is distinguished from other woods by its rare and precious character and by the majesty (let’s not mince words!) of its veining, with tones varying from light brown to purplish brown. This multicoloured wood continues to intensify over time, giving it an increasingly elegant appearance.

With its veining and variety of colours, sheesham produces unique pieces..

Résistance acacia massif


One of the strongest woods in the world, sheesham is very dense and extremely resistant to knocks and shocks. It is also impervious to such enemies of wood as termites and fungi.

Our sheesham furniture is pre-protected. We recommend simply that you clean it regularly using a slightly damp cloth.

Sheesham is distinguished from other woods by its rare and precious character and by the majesty of its veining.

Acacia durable


Extensively exploited from the 1950s to the 1970s, sheesham is now a coveted and rare tree. We take great care to source only from foresters who respect the environment and biodiversity, which is why, at Tikamoon too, sheesham is rare.

Acacia pour tous les styles


Sought after by marquetry craftsmen and designers for its beauty, sheesham is very eye- catching. It takes only one piece of sheesham furniture in a room to completely upgrade it. Of rare beauty and design, sheesham is an exotic tree that’s used to make furniture capable of transforming the entire atmosphere of your home!