FSC® Certification

FSC® is an independent non-governmental organisation that developed the first forest products certification system. It aims to promote the responsible management of forests so that they can meet the needs of present and future generations.

FSC® certification is intended to guarantee that forest management is ecologically appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.


Ecologically appropriate forest management.

This ensures that the harvesting of ligneous (wood) and non-ligneous (non-wood) forest products maintains biodiversity in the forest and the productivity and functionality of the ecosystem.

Socially beneficial forest management.

It helps local people and society in general to enjoy long-term benefits and also motivates local people to conserve forest resources and adhere to long-term management plans.


Economically viable forest management.

Forest operations are structured and managed in such a way as to be sufficiently profitable without, however, generating financial profit at the expense of the forest resource, the ecosystem, or the communities affected.

Tikamoon is FSC® Chain of Custody certified

In August 2018, Tikamoon was delighted to be awarded FSC® Chain of Custody certification. This demanding and ethical label guarantees that our FSC® certified furniture has been monitored throughout the production process, from the forest to your home, including all the stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution. However, our commitment does not stop there: the FSC® certification of our partners is also essential. We have therefore supported several manufacturers with whom we work so that they too could obtain this certification.

The next step? To offer you only FSC® certified furniture. Although the entire collection is sustainable, certification does not yet fully extend to all our furniture. We are working enthusiastically towards this end!

The adventure continues...

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