Discussions with WWF

Transitioning Together

Dialogue has always been at the heart of our philosophy. So, to inspire us in our initiative and our goals, we decided to involve the WWF. The aim of the World Wide Fund for Nature is to build a future in which people and nature can live in harmony. At Tikamoon, in our TikaGreen strategy, we are seeking to become a sustainable company that helps both to protect our planet and to encourage human development. We have therefore decided to join the Entreprendre pour la Planète (Act for the Planet) club and support WWF projects in a practical way.

The Club: A Place to Share with Peers

Joining the Entreprendre pour la Planète (Act for the Planet) club enables us to continue the dialogue with and support the WWF. We are involved with the partners’ club, where we can share feedback and expertise. Transitioning our global model towards greater protection of the environment can only be accomplished together – by combining our positive energy and pooling our ideas.



Worldwide Support

WWF has the experience and recognition to provide support locally via specific actions and to transform institutions and markets around the world. This is why we support WWF financially both in its local actions and in achieving its five global goals, in particular that relating to the life of forests. We are also committed to sending a common message of the need for sustainable change through inclusive development that protects the environment.