Sustainable development
Tikamoon is fully committed!


When you are a specialist in solid wood furniture, you are inevitably sensitive to the environmental issues facing the world's forest resources. We, therefore, have a moral obligation - at least that is how we at Tikamoon see it - to offer our customers sustainable products. At the right price, functional and beautifully designed, of course, but also, and above all, sustainable.

Making promises is all very well, but deep down, what are we really putting behind this premise?

1. Knowledge

We leave nothing to chance. We systematically trace every piece of furniture we offer you. From the plantation to your home, we can tell its entire story: the cutting of the trees from which it comes, their processing in the sawmill, the manufacturer's chain of custody, transport from the country of origin to your living room: nothing escapes us. How? Quite simply, because we are present at our partners' premises, wherever we have Tikamoon furniture manufactured.

But that is not all! We also strive to respect certain criteria that are not necessarily known to the general public, but that are part of our ethical and sustainable development approach:

  • The Indonesian wood used for our furniture has obtained the FLEGT license, which guarantees that it comes from reasonable and legal forestry.

  • We strictly comply with the CITES classification, the international convention that protects wood species from over-exploitation.

  • We pay particular attention to ensuring that our practice does not harm the living conditions of people in the production areas.


From the plantation to your home, we are able to tell you your furniture's entire story.

2. Pedagogy

To know, to understand is essential. To change practices is just as important. We work every day to ensure that all the stakeholders in our activities are involved in a preventative approach to deforestation. For example, if we are not satisfied with the origin of a wood, we can require one of our manufacturers to change suppliers.

For our teams,it means increased vigilance, constant alertness, a genuine corporate culture that allows us to react quickly and take action to mitigate1, that is to say, to reduce risks.

For our manufacturing partners,we are dedicated to helping them obtain relevant certifications (such as FSC® certification) and traceability licenses (such as VRIKSH and VLK).

1Mitigationmeans lessening impact, moderation. This term has been used in English in the field of risk or impact assessment (especially in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia) to designate systems, means and measures for reducing the effects, for example, of major natural risks or in the case of development which has negative effects on the environment.


To know, to understand is essential. To change practices is just as important.

3. Monitoring

In addition, our FSC® Chain of Custody certification confirms our ability to ensure rigorous traceability. We carefully check the validity of certifications and licenses (including VLK, FSC® etc.), the reliability of the information we collect and the practices of our manufacturing partners.

Our monitoring does not stop at the workshop door... we also monitor the transport and delivery of our furniture. From the forest to your home, we control every step of the life of your furniture. Then it is up to you to build a long and beautiful relationship with it.

Tikamoon is a whole team for which the "Wood Policy" is not just a basic premise. It is a declared commitment. A total commitment.