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While many people today claim to be sustainable, sometimes in a vague or unproven way, we remain faithful to our values which we communicate without exaggeration and with complete transparency.

  • We choose to display "sustainable wood" only on products that are FSC® certified.
  • We choose to display the ecological distribution of our products with complete transparency.
  • We choose to measure our performance using a carbon audit and life cycle analyses.
  • We choose to commit ourselves to objectives that are quantified and dated.

Below, you will find the elements that make up TikaGreen

A unique sustainable development plan, based on tangible evidence and certified by recognised partners.

Plan tikagreen

Our objectives for 2023 include


solid wood


Currently : 80%




Currently : 5 years


/1000€ turnover


Currently : 187EQkgCO2


FSC® products


Currently : 37%


A method validated by recognised organisations

In order to ensure an authentic figure-based approach, we've joined forces with recognised partners. Our approach is based on four steps: measure, improve, certify, discuss.

1. Measure

Preparation of the Carbon Audit with the Carbone 4 consulting firm

See our Carbon Audit

Life Cycle Analysis of our products
See our LCAs
(in progress, available early 2021)

2. Improve

We are signatories of the UN Global Compact.

We have thus set our progress targets within the framework of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Find out more

3. Certify

We are members of the FSC, which certifies responsible and sustainable management of forests: biodiversity and social and economic benefit for communities.

We have been FSC Chain of Custody certified since 2018.

See our FSC parnership

4. Discuss

As another means of boosting our TikaGreen plan, we joined the WWF's Entreprendre pour la Planète business club.?

We financially support WWF projects

See our WWF partnership

Our carbon audit

Our TikaGreen strategy is based on scientific foundations, starting with the measurement of our current carbon footprint. This is why we carried out our carbon audit, with the help of the specialist consulting firm Carbone 4. Measuring gives us the information we need to plan a realistic path towards an achievable goal: the contribution to carbon neutrality.

Tikamoon, products first and foremost

Based on the carbon audit, including scope 3, our total footprint amounts to the equivalent of 8,025 tonnes of CO2. The manufacturing of our products accounts for 75% of that total, followed by the transport of the products from the manufacturer to your home. This is why we want our furniture to last a lifetime and why we support you in caring for it, and in its repair with our guarantee extended to five years.

Manufacture of furniture | 75%  
Transport from the producer | 15%  
Transport to your home | 06%  
Other | 04%  

A comprehensive measurement

Our carbon audit allows us to analyse all of Tikamoon's activities and measure the footprint across our entire value chain. We measure the three scopes, direct emissions (scope 1), indirect energy-related emissions (scope 2) and other indirect emissions (scope 3).
Upstream activities (Scope 3 upstream)
Company activities (Scope 1 et 2)
Downstream activities (Scope 3 downstream)

We have defined six environmental criteria for measuring the sustainable development performance of our products.

This has enabled us to assess the current situation and to set ourselves targets:

Environmental criteria Benefits Situation 2020 Targets 2023
1. Solid wood Living material, high recyclability, energy savings 80% 95%
2. No composite materials No MDF, no chipboard 94% 100%
3. Resource savings Design that minimises emissions and maximises the reuse of offcuts 80% 100%
4. Traditional assembly Furniture assembled by hand by our cabinet makers, ensuring product strength and longevity 98% 100%
5. High repairability Longevity due to the ease of restoration of solid wood and the availability of spare parts 80% 95%
6. FSC® wood® Responsible and sustainable management of forests: biodiversity, social and economic benefit 20% 50%

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