Marble and other natural Stones


Clean your marble basin regularly with dish-washing liquid. To maintain the shine of your basin, use a soft cloth to polish the entire surface evenly.


  • • Do not use acidic products or abrasive cleaners such as ammonia, vinegar, alcohol, glass cleaner, bleach or lemon juice as they can erode the marble and cause permanent marks. Indeed, when marble is exposed to this kind of product, the pores of the stone open and the marble becomes more absorbent.


  • • Do not use scouring tools such as metal brushes or abrasive sponges as they may scratch the surface of the marble.


  • • Avoid water pooling on the surface. As marble has a porous nature, it absorbs liquids, which can cause permanent staining on the surface. Once the marks appear, it will be difficult to eliminate them.


  • • Prevent deposits of minerals (limestone, salt etc.), soap or shower gel as they will dull the finish and may stain the marble.

Special/one-off maintenance

As marble ceases to be impermeable over time, it must be regularly maintained with suitable products, especially when it is in a damp room and in repeated contact with water.

This marble and natural stone revitalising cleaner cleans, revives and shines marble and marble-type stones, granite, blue limestone and other polished natural stones (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer). It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With a neutral pH, it does not attack marble or limestone. The marble and natural stone revitalising cleaner complies with the legislation on cleaning products that may come into contact with foodstuffs.

Revitalising cleaner (by Starwax)

Special/one-off maintenance

Occasionally clean and polish your basin with a product specially designed for marble.

The gloss restorer cleans, polishes, and restores the shine of polished marble and natural stones (sandstone, granite etc.). It eliminates scale deposits on basins or wall tiles. The gloss restorer can be used regularly or occasionally before applying beautifying balm. It is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, for marble and polished natural stone items.

Shine Restorer (by Starwax)

Then use a protective product to prevent infiltration into the stone and the formation of stains on the surface.

Beautifying balm nourishes, protects and shines polished marbles and stones, reconstituted marbles, travertine, hard limestone, malachite, onyx, etc. It prevents the immediate soaking-in of various staining substances such as water, wine, coffee, milk, ink, etc. It is suitable for marbles and facing stones (fireplaces, tables, etc.) and also to restore the lustre of tombstones.

Beautifying balm (by Starwax)

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