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Assembling your furniture will soon be a distant memory. Most Tikamoon furniture is delivered already assembled, using traditional assembly techniques and with an eye for detail. 80% is made from solid wood and designed to be handed down from generation to generation.

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The average assembly time for a piece of furniture is between one and three hours. At Tikamoon, 90% of our range does not require assembly.

My name is Senson,
I'm going to be living in your home for a long time...

Collection Senson

Like most of our furniture, the Senson collection is delivered to you already assembled, saving you time, providing product expertise and the guarantee of assembly by professional cabinet-makers.

This premium furniture is traditionally assembled and crafted in FSC® certified solid wood. Available in different types of wood (oak, walnut and teak), all protected by oil or varnish, so they're really easy to care for.

The Senson collection includes sideboards, cupboards and TV stands to enhance every room in your home.

Collection Senson

I'm also available
in different types of wood


Warm and modern - contemporary interiors can't do without it.

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With a sturdiness that means your furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

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As noble as it is hard-wearing and irresistibly elegant.

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