Designer stories

Tikamoon launches " Creator Corner ": a space dedicated to creative artisans. Born after a meeting with a member of Hermes Academy of Expertise, creator corner is our space for investing in young European cabinetmakers. It is a collaborative project, where we work with talented craftspeople to sell their wares through our online shop. European cabinetmakers often showcase their furniture in galleries but they struggle to get a foothold on the web. By presenting and selling their work in our exclusive Creator Corner section of the website we support their progression as designers.


Babel Brune


Every object is like a canvas, an area of expression for us or the artists whom we invite to join us

Young French furniture label Babel Brune reveals its first pieces in 2020. Supported by a French local artisanal production tool, and founded on a free and drawn-out design process, Babel Brune offers distinctive pieces, for interior design projects with character. The armchair 02, one of the brand's iconic pieces, has the particularity of being read like a painting and of reinventing itself with each succeeding collection and collaboration.


Bleu Nature


Nature enters your home

Twenty-five years ago, Bleu Nature started a natural decor trend with its driftwood furniture and pieces. Erosion, the wear of time, unpredictability, divine defects, perfect imperfections, unique pieces, the contrast between high quality, raw and machined materials have been the guiding creative forces behind Bleu Nature designers. Nature entered the world of home interiors.




Stubenrauch’s furniture is unique.

The field of furniture design is dynamic and diverse. Over the years we have seen a number of different style trends emerge and fade out, only to re-emerge again a few years later. Most designers move with the ebb and flow of the trends. Occasionally though, we come across designers who stand against the tide and who commit themselves to shaping a unique identity.




Designed by us, defined by nature.

Founded in 2009 by HUGUES REVUELTA, the Karpenter furniture brand is based on two ideals: " Designed by us, defined by nature." This approach allows Karpenter to give expression to their passion for superb design. They strive to create functional and timeless objects inspired by the beauty and grace of nature, while reducing the negative impacts on the environment. Each design is like an art piece, with a story to tell that enriches the home. Hugues Revuelta and his team of skilled craftsmen are drawing on the latest technology and ancient techniques of woodworking in their exploration of new design ideas inspired by nature and minimalism.


Fanny Laure


She has made it her objective to master the materials and ancient techniques of cabinetmaking and apply them in novel ways.

FANNYLAURE has a strong brand identity. It was created in 2013 by Fanny-Laure Lepez, a member of the Hermes business expertise foundation and voted Belgium's best French designer, 2015. She is a graduate from the prestigious Saint Luc Tournai of art and imagines, designs and manufactures beautiful, thought provoking objects in her studio-laboratory.




Materials packed with stories, ready to write a new Story

EtNISI was founded on the desire to believe that anything is possible. What if… all used materials could be brought back to life in another form? Stylish furniture, everyday objects, smart accessories. Months of research to develop the perfect wasterial. Colours. Shapes. Unexpected mixes that create surprise and emotion.