We came to meet you with a passionate desire to discover your story, to dive into the chapters of your life and to explore how our furniture can become living actors in your daily life. In every home, there is a story to tell, moments to share. By opening the doors of your home to us, you offer us much more than pieces of furniture to admire; you invite us to become part of your story, to take part in your precious moments.

Chapter 1

The Jonàk table
at Arnaud's

At the heart of our home, our table is much more than just a piece of furniture. It is where the most precious moments of our family life unfold. Around this table, laughter resonates, conversations linger, and bonds strengthen. It's a sanctuary where we come together to share our joys, our sorrows, and our dreams.

Living (extra)ordinary moments.

Enjoy every moment

Savor every occasion.

Each occasion, big or small, around our table, becomes a special moment. Bringing parents and children together, these moments are filled with warmth and closeness. Every candle blown out, every smile exchanged becomes a precious family memory. These moments remind us of the importance of family bonds and build the next generation.

Passing it on for generations.

And above all, handing down

Discover their

A big thank you
to Arnaud and his family for this moment of sharing.

Photo credits / Video credits: Lois Moreno - Director : Pierre Grimaud