circular atelier by tikamoon

This is the revalorization space at Tikamoon, but it's also a space for the exchange of ideas, for co-construction and improvement in the work we do around our circular approach.

Because we are proud of our products and want them to last and live many lives. The circular atelier enables us to aim for zero waste, ensuring that each piece of furniture is used as fully as possible, and that each plank of wood can be reused. The carbon stored in the wood must remain there long into the future, and we are doing everything we can to ensure that this happens. Being committed to circularity means conserving both resources and the environment, as well as reducing our waste a little bit each day.


Furniture repaired

We repair more than 7,000 pieces of furniture every year. When a piece of furniture is returned to us by a customer, we inspect it to ensure its quality and appearance. Some furniture may have been damaged in transit, despite our best efforts to protect it. Such pieces are sent to our circular atelier. Our joiners take great care of damaged furniture, whether that means removing a scratch or repairing or even replacing certain elements (such as doors or legs, for example). These pieces of furniture are then sold in our second-hand store in the north of France.
Our circular atelier thus enables us to give a second life to our furniture.


Furniture for solidarity

Every year, we donate 6,000 pieces of furniture to Emmaüs Défi. Emmaüs Défi is undertaking a project with a social and environmental aim, to help everyone find a dignified place in society. Our furniture is given to people supported by Emmaüs, when they finally get a place to live.

We are partners of Emmaüs Défi and delighted to be able to play our part in these life-affirming projects.


Living wooden planks

We also do our utmost to salvage and reuse planks of solid wood. We donate the planks we can't use to charities, so that they can use them to create new solid-wood objects rather than recycle them. In fact, recycling wood means that the planks are ground down to create particle board, which reduces their lifespan. This is obviously a lesser evil, but our desire is that these planks continue to store the carbon captured during the life of the tree, while saving the energy needed to recycle them.

Our sustainable development approach


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