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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lois, and I’m a photographer. Sometimes, when the mood takes me, I write a little on my blog. My husband Arnaud is a pastry chef, and we have three children – Zoé, Hugo and Simon. Over the last few years, we’ve wandered between London, Barcelona, and various cities across France. Arnaud’s job means that we travel and have had to move several times.

Chapter 1

Second to the birth of one’s children, renovating a property is one of the most intense adventures in life. It can be a really trying time for a couple’s relationship and for family life. But it’s also a time of learning, a school where one learns, amongst other things, patience, and the extent of one’s limits…

Chapter 2

We are still hard at work, and there is still much to do before the house is finished. However, that hasn’t stopped me from coming up with ideas for a lovely festive table. Surrounded by rails and plasterboard, there are two trestles and a wooden board, with a few branches and scavenged glass trinkets. An improvised candle-holder with a wooden end.

Chapter 3

2019 – This year we’re putting some money into the place! The building work is coming along nicely and if it carries on at this rate, the inside of our house should be finished this summer. I’m really pleased about that. That, and the first rays of sunshine – it’s just great! When it came to the order of work and things to do, the children were our priority…

Chapter 4

I’ve been freelance since I was 25. The idea of having my office at home never bothered me, quite the contrary. I’ve always enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of working at home. To be honest, I really love it. Over the years, I’ve managed to identify the type of space that suits…

Chapter 5

As you know, I’m Spanish, so I love the sunshine. More than that: I need sunshine. Since returning to France, I’ve got to admit that I’ve struggled with the winters. They’re long, very long… too long for me. The arrival of spring…

Chapter 6

This room changed everything. When we saw it, our hearts skipped a beat and we were powerless to resist. We got carried away: we saw ourselves sat on our comfy sofa, enjoying this soothing, magical view…
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