Chapter 10: Cocooning hour

There’s something about winter that just makes you want to snuggle up at home. To curl up and binge-watch movies, warming yourself up with a cuppa and a cosy throw…

It was with these times of the year in mind, when the temperature drops and our homes become a fortress, that we decided to create a TV space, mainly for the children’s down time, watching their favourite cartoons, and for Sunday movie afternoons.

When we started our house renovation, we knew that we didn’t want a television in the living room. We couldn’t see ourselves planning out the whole room around it.

I have to admit that, with almost 300 m2 to play with, we had the freedom to choose to put it in a separate space. It wasn’t the case in our old flats.

I should also mention that our TV used to belong to Arnaud’s granny and is quite small… But given that we don’t use it very often, it does the job.

Here, there isn’t much furniture, just the essentials. A wooden bench my dad made for us, a few suitcases which we use as a TV cabinet, big cushions so we can sprawl out on the floor and a beautiful bookcase which we use for storage and as a desk for the boys. What about you? What’s your cocooning space like?

to be continued ... ... ...