Behind the scenes at a photo shoot

A photoshoot may be a little different to what you imagined: go into a studio where everything has been set up beforehand, get the shots, and then go home… No, no, no… a photoshoot involves a considerable amount of preparation before the first picture is snapped. Come with us behind the scenes of our latest photo shoot.

Step 1

Choosing the perfect setup for our furniture; this should be in a place where good vibes are felt and that suits our values. A location where the unique atmosphere is immediately apparent.

The interior of Marine and Kub completely fits the bill. It demonstrates that poetry can also be industrial… The original soul of this former factory has been intentionally preserved by the owners: the brick walls are simply whitewashed, and the staircase is made of metal girders. Witness to an iconic history carefully nurtured by Marine and Kub, it is an authentic venue full of character.

Step 2

Carefully moving the owners’ furniture. Each piece of furniture – mostly vintage – tells a unique story, and at the same time it feels like it has been tailor-made for the space. The carpets are rolled up, and the 1970s relics are moved with all the respect these vintage pieces are deserving of.

Step 3

Staging the Tikamoon furniture. Each item naturally fits in and radiates as though it had always been there. We light up the fireplace as a timid ray of sunshine creeps into the room. The props are set up, the candles lit, and the camera is poised to capture it all. The place has not lost any of its magic. Everything is ready: time to shoot.