Chapter 4: My Workplace

I’ve been freelance since I was 25. The idea of having my office at home never bothered me, quite the contrary. I’ve always enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of working at home. To be honest, I really love it. Over the years, I’ve managed to identify the type of space that suits me best: a bright place, with plenty of storage and a large table for my computer and my designs. 

A well-organised environment has always had a direct impact on my creativity and inspiration. Have you heard of feng shui? I’m sure you have. I always try to apply its principles whenever I can. The aim is to control the energies of the universe so you can be healthier and more productive.
In my new office there will be plenty of light, and as much storage space and room to work as I please to let my more artistic side come through! This cute little sideboard is a good start, and useful too. The same goes for this rug with an Aztec vibe. I’m already itching to start using the space!

to be continued ... ... ...