Chapter 9: Savouring autumn

This will be our third autumn in the country! Isn’t it crazy how time flies? But then I feel like I’m always saying that. Clearly because it fascinates me. Time passing.

This autumn promises to be particularly special because one of the biggest projects in the house is finally complete. The kitchen and living room, the main rooms, our living spaces, are liveable!

For us, it’s a huge step and we are savouring this feat.
The last big thing to do was choose a stove and install it before the arrival of the cold weather (oh yes, it can get pretty chilly here). 

It wasn’t an easy decision to make; it had to be practical, pretty and of course high-performing. We chose a pellet stove because we already have a wood stove and fuelling 2 wood stoves, all day, is rather hard work.

It has been keeping us toasty for several weeks now and fits perfectly into the décor with its retro, traditional look. Our little cocoon is gradually taking shape. We feel right at home and we’re ready to make the most of autumn!

to be continued ... ... ...