Tikamoon BLOG

Chapter 7 : Under the wisteria

July has gone by at lightning speed, just like every month of the year. In recent days, we had a seaside break where we filled our lungs with the sea air and topped up on vitamin D. The sun, the sound of the waves and the sand certainly leave you relaxed… It was wonderful.

We then came home to our much-loved countryside, which is just as relaxing and healing as being by the sea. Here, back in our cosy little home, we are still enjoying these long summer days. Now it is time for friends who will soon be here to visit, for endless aperitifs and finger food and for siestas in the hammock. One of my favourite places to enjoy it is under the wisteria: a fascinating plant which has doubled in size in the past two years! Beautiful and imposing, it is a pleasure to be in the shade it casts.

No doubt this will be one of the most coveted spots at home for the rest of the holidays… I wish you a gentle August, just like the one we have planned.

to be continued ... ... ...