Chapter 3: The Boy’s Bedroom

2019 – This year we’re putting some money into the place! The building work is coming along nicely and if it carries on at this rate, the inside of our house should be finished this summer. I’m really pleased about that. That, and the first rays of sunshine – it’s just great!

When it came to the order of work and things to do, the children were our priority. I showed you Zoé’s bedroom in a previous post. Today, it’s the turn of the boys, Hugo and Simon. They’re such a funny pair. Their days are spent giggling or squabbling, but always together. So it was obvious that they’d need to sleep in the same room.

A little boys’ bedroom, in pastel shades. The bunk beds were turned back into twin beds so they could be side by side and look at each other if they want to. In the middle: a chest of drawers for two. It divides their spaces and offers storage that they can reach. Some rugs and not much else for the moment.
It’s not completely finished – I’m giving myself time to adapt this space bit by bit as the room takes shape. But for the moment, it really suits them. They’ve got space to play, sleep and store their bits and pieces. And if they’re happy, I’m happy!

to be continued ... ... ...