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Pola, a collection of furniture made of solid, sustainable oak.

Here at Tikamoon, we’re not in the habit of making promises that we can’t keep. We have a green heart and we cultivate transparency: two values that both you and we share, seriously and without ostentation. 

Here, we invite you to discover the Pola collection, truly natural solid oak furniture that is part of TikaGreen, our unique sustainable development plan, based on tangible evidence rather than rhetoric and certified by recognised partners rather than unverifiable claims.


Pola high solid oak Bedside table 

# FSC® certified

The wood comes from forests managed in a sustainable and responsible manner in both environmental and social terms. In 2018, Tikamoon obtained the FSC® certification, this demanding and virtuous label guarantees that our FSC®-certified wooden furniture has been monitored throughout the production process, from the forest to your home, including all stages of treatment, processing, manufacturing and distribution.

# A collection in solid wood

No dirty little secrets for the sides you can’t see… no chipboard or composite material.

We optimise the pieces of wood as much as possible and use the production offcuts to manufacture the insides of the drawers.


Pola solid oak TV Stand

# Assembly in the traditional way

The Pola collection is assembled in the workshops of our partners who love wood and work well done. These assembly techniques ensure the longevity and durability of our furniture.


Solid oak console table Pola 

# With a low environmental impact finish

The natural protective oil applied to the Pola collection emits a minimal amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The handles are made of brass, a non-ferrous alloy that stands the test of time.


Pola solid oak Bedside table 


Solid oak vanity unit Pola 

# Quality controlled

The furniture is carefully inspected by our experts before arriving at your home, ready to share your daily life, year after year.

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