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Anne : To the sound of music

I wanted light and space in our living room. So, we opted for pale grey waxed concrete on the floor and simply repainted all the walls white.
Well … all the walls except one ;- )
This little corner of the living room was the perfect place to be bold with colour, to add some contrast and energy to the room. After all, black is a colour too, right?
I love this space and never tire of it. It invites other associations and has the advantage of enhancing wood, plants, decorative objects and so on.
We fell in love with the Simen teak TV unit and its retro look, which I adore (especially the detail of its drawers and handles and its thin legs). In fact, we don’t have a TV, but I actually think we have even better: our turntable. It has transformed this area into a really special living space. In the morning, Ninon waters the plants, and in the evening, she loves to choose a record, carefully place it on the turntable and then dance away to her heart’s content. It’s become our new daily routine and one I never grow tired of! <3
to be continued ... ... ...

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