Anne: Head in the stars

I’m going to show you round our bedroom this time. It’s a room that’s already had several different looks since we first arrived, and I think I’ve now finally found the perfect combination of shades, forms and materials to make me feel relaxed and at home in it.

We opted for a midnight blue wall to give us something of a dreamy head-in-the-stars feeling. It was really a question of creating the optimal environment in which to get to sleep easily, especially with a tiny little early riser at home ; ) 

I’d been really taken with the Leontie headboard from Tikamoon for a while. It was hot on my wish list, and once that midnight blue wall was in place, I knew those two would be the perfect match!
It adds a touch of softness and roundness to the room, and its openwork design makes it discreet and unobtrusive, just as it should be : )
In other words, I think it’s perfect…  

to be continued ... ... ...