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Vintage through the eyes of our clients.

When the style of decor our elders enjoyed, is given a new lease of life…removed from the cardboard boxes in which they have been stored, the vintage trend is reviving interiors everywhere. It adds charm and personality to any room in the home, whether used as a complete look, or subtle touch.

Past, present and future are mixed up and interwoven…this is just what we love! And you do too: the proof is in the image.


Colette Rattan Headboard 160

@laffichemoderne and @anneeeck like it as a headboard,

Rattan is increasingly having a heyday in our clients’  publications. Formerly confined to conservatories, winter sitting rooms or terraces, it now plays a key role in contemporary decor. With
its authentic and neo-bohemian feel, we’re putting it all around the house!


Leontie Rattan Headboard 160


Marius Rattan Armchair

@wohnklamotte : a pretty plant, a few flowers, a rattan armchair and voilà: a restful and beautifully welcoming spot is created.

@ wohnklamotte has it as a complete bedroom look,


Isidore Rattan Mirror 80 natural


Marius Rattan Bathroom Wall Shelf

The industrial look borrowed from early 20th century factory style, hasn’t aged a bit. For decades,
we’ve loved its raw, uncompromising feel and robust, characterful materials.


Twain Pine and Metal Bookcase


@georgia, or when a trolley becomes a mobile library,

@alexandraguerain reinterprets a piece of furniture with professional accents as a wardrobe element,


Temis Metal Armchair


@fatmastory opts for a table with a workbench look in the living room,


Jonas Armchair Grey

Finally, inspiration is easy at @commeuncamion with furniture, accessories, lighting and more: everything’s here!


Magda 50’s Teak Office Cabinet 130

@anneeeck pairs it with rattan – another iconic element of the vintage trend,

Inspired by the heyday of jazz, decor lovers are still enjoying sober fifties design…we’ve also noticethat our clients are extremely fond of this Scandinavian furniture!


Vintage Teak Bedside Table

@ tinypaw_paris uses touches of it in children’s bedrooms,


Ruben Teak Sideboard 100

@loismoreno and @aude_bk are going for calm simplicity


Oslo acacia Chest of 4 Drawers

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