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Maximalism or Minimalism?

For the past few seasons, two trends have been competing, and there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner. While aficionados of one swear by a very busy décor with accessories galore, for the others it’s all about understated spaces, materials and décor. One style really jumps out at you, winning you over with its extravagance, the other promotes calm and serenity.

So what’s the best choice? Maximalism and its motley collection of objects or minimalism and its simplicity? We’ve decided not to take sides. Everyone can choose their team to suit their lifestyle and taste.

For example.

Wall Bookcase
# Opt for multiple bookcases and display cases to show off your accessories. Collect objects which all tell a story.
# Lengthen, stretch, maximise your furniture. Proportions have been reinvented, the positioning in the space reviewed and corrected.
Simen Sideboard
Liv Vanity Cabinet
# Play with a collection of objects with no inhibitions and mix and match to your heart’s content.
# Decorate the walls from top to bottom.
Helga Bench
Eva TV Stand
# Make the most of the “let’s pretend it’s tidy” look. Everything is on show. Nothing is hidden.

Temis Dinner Table

# A place for everything and everything in its place.
Vintage Sideboard
Paani Bedside Tables
Judit Coffee Table
# A simple design and authentic materials.

Stoneleaf Coffee Table

# Rethink spaces: don’t be afraid of empty spots!

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