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Canework, derived from ancestral knowhow, is the art of weaving rattan canes. Its use dates back to the 18th century and was mainly reserved for chairs. Since then, this versatile material has managed to adapt to the tastes of each new era. The reason why we love it so much is because it combines renewal and
tradition, timeless charm, and handcrafted workmanship. It is ontrend for contemporary interiors and, just for example, when
combined with other natural materials never ceases to surprise us by creating boho furniture with a hint of Scandicraft… the style
that takes the best of Scandinavian, warms it, humanises it and makes it cosier.

The rattan/canework blend

Rattan is a fibrous exotic plant which is processed in several forms including rattan and cane: we can’t resist the combination of the two in a single piece of furniture. Far from the cold and impersonal interior design styles which were fashionable a few years ago, this blend brings life, memories and smiles to every room in the house. A little bit boho, a little bit vintage, very cosy, natural, and authentic… In short, the perfect match!

Josephine rattan Headboard
Marius rattan Console table
Marius rattan wall-mounted Shelf
The elm/canework blend

In Greek mythology, the elm was the god of dreams and the night… no wonder it’s perfect for bedrooms… and elsewhere! It has always been popular for its qualities of resistance (in particular to water) and its attractive grain. It is undoubtedly one of the best types of wood for contemporary furnishings. When combined with canework, it results in elegant characterful furniture that looks stunning in any room in the house.

Luis solid elm and canework chest of drawers
Luis solid elm and canework cupboard
The mindy/canework blend

Mindy is an exotic wood that seems to take us on a journey, offering us a colour that blends beautifully with the different styles of canework, both close and loosely woven. The darkness of one elevates the natural elegance of the other. The result? Furniture that gets noticed while respecting our longing for natural style and authenticity.

Alix mindi and canework Bookcase
Alex mindi and canework Coffee Table
Alix mindi and canework Console table
Roots solid teak and canework Wardrobe
The teak/canework blend

As useful inside as it is outside, teak is one of the favourite woods of those who care about interior design. The warm stylish colour (from reddish brown to gold) blends perfectly with canework, resulting in furniture that’s easy to care for, hard-wearing and with timeless elegance. A hint of the fifties without ever looking old-fashioned.

Roots solid teak and canework TV Stand
Roots solid teak and canework Bedside table

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