A foretaste of summer…

We long for sunshine, a break from routine, long evenings with friends. We long for café terraces, laughter and great times shared.

What about putting together a few feel-good recipes to get us through these “strange times” serenely? 


Pia natural Rattan outdoor Armchair 

Recipe number 1: it’s OK to take things easy. 

We go where the fancy takes us We keep our eyes on the horizon or half closed, whatever floats our boat. We allow ourselves to be lulled by the passing of time… We surrender ourselves.This winter, teak and rattan came indoors. Now, here they are back in the garden. We love their inside-outside style, the natural material and timeless elegance. 


Key Wood outdoor Armchair 

Recipe number 2: bring on the self-indulgence

A light lunch, a dinner by candlelight… a little break at teatime. The house opens up to the garden and becomes all about meeting up and fun.


Vadim solid teak Outdoor Table 


Key Wood solid teak garden coffee table 


Arty White Metal Armchair 


Gaby white metal outdoor chair 

Recipe number 3: go with the flow of fancy. 

And what if summer was an excuse to mix and match… to blend forms and styles. We bring metal and super soft wood together, we mix styles and materials. We do as we please. Because we really deserve it. 


Grasshopper solid teak Outdoor Table 


Gaby orange metal chair 

Let’s take care of ourselves…

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