A Natural Pine Sideboard

Sideboard are a simplified version of chest of drawers. Their insides are much more spacious, since, of course they don’t have drawers – for the most part of them. This…

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A Bamboo Bed for a Grown Up bedroom

Thinking about re-decorate your bedroom to make it a more comfortable and welcoming space? Think about the Zen tendency. It’s all about nature and peace. The major feature of this…

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A Black Marble Washbasin

I finally di did it! You purchased your Vanity Cabinet! Now you just need to choose your washbasin, and your bathroom will be perfect. Washbasins are very trendy and modern:…

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A Teak Sideboard
Buffet en Teck - Eden

A Teak Sideboard

If you want to equip your living room or the dining room with a very special piece of furniture, then the Teak sideboard is just right . Not only the…

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A Console Table for an Adult Bedroom
Console en Teck - Carving

A Console Table for an Adult Bedroom

Thanks to the console table, the bedroom get a special touch, and become charismatic. Those wooden console tables offer many choices in colors and shapes. Console tables can fit in…

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A Mango TV Stand

A TV Stand go hand in hand with a coffee table. Those are two complementary furniture which need to be chosen together.  And of course, we can’t forget the sofa.…

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A Mahogany Office Closet

A red piece of furniture always enhance the decoration and atmosphere of the room where it belongs. Warm, it releases luminosity and can easily fit with other wooden furniture. A…

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An Oak Coffee Table

The coffee table is an important piece of furniture in the living room : we welcome our friends, and often lunch or snack around it. The coffee table‘s uses are…

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Outdoor Decoration Items

Finally! Spring is back. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and weather is clement. For those who have a garden, it’s time to go back to gardening: we pick our…

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