Thursday 6 September – 10:25 a.m

A nice and slightly hazy September morning… the kind of morning that could make us feel a little gloomy without the prospect of a shoot in an unusual location steeped in history: a former factory that today is the “home” of a lovely family.

First, clear the decks

The set is huge. There’s no time to waste. Moving the furniture of the lovely Marine and her fellow artist isn’t easy: everyone does their bit and space is quickly made.

In movie

Transforming without lying

It’s a real pleasure to create these worlds in a place like this. A partition finds its place against the exposed brick wall, material barely touched to keep the hints of an industrial past. A table here, a vase there… the day is organised and photo by photo, the spell is cast.

Specialists in action

Don’t hesitate to give things a twist to get THE photo… the light from the terrace graces the Bleu Nature sofas just how we imagined.
A little tea break behind the wonderful kitchen counter… and we’re off again! We set up, check, shoot, and enjoy the magic of this special setting.

Voilà… it’s done

It’s the end of the day already. We must leave this old factory and its inhabitants to their daily lives once again…