On set with us: our latest video campaign

We enjoy sharing behind the scenes footage from our photoshoots with our customers. It’s our way of letting you in and that’s important to us. This time we wanted to try something a bit trickier, a new, ambitious project: video production… A playground to explore, new expertise to master, and hopefully a result worthy of a week of hard work.
This week, we’re inviting you behind the scenes. 

Photos, video, the final stretch in the creation process

At Tikamoon, we like to create timeless collections, for daily life… for a lifetime. We enjoy staging them in contemporary settings. For 10 years we’ve been producing our own images to illustrate our campaigns. Video is a new string to our communications bow and like images, it has far-reaching implications: the furniture has been meticulously, designed and created with passion, our job is to reflect this on film.

Video clip

The sign of a job well-done

Just like our photo shoots, we want to shoot in a real room, and all that that involves in terms of work: inventing and designing the best set-up, moving out the inhabitants’ furniture, putting our collections in, styling them, and adding those little details that make it pop. It helps to be detail-oriented, organised and efficient… and then work on feeling. A leaf dancing in the wind, the honey blonde colour of the wood, its beauty and elegance: it should all be there.

“A leaf dancing in the wind, the honey blonde colour of the wood, its beauty and elegance: it should all be there.”

Working hard without taking yourself too seriously

This session was naturally more stressful, but we still had great fun working together as a team: we want to share that with you too. When doubts come calling, everyone has a role to play and vision to share. Collective decisions are made and that’s normal: more heads mean more ideas.
A little stress (OK, more than a just little, doing something for the first time is tough!) plenty of energy, lots of discussions and collaboration, and just the right amount of concentration and attention to detail.
We put our all in to it. You’ll have to tell us when you watch it if we made the right decisions.


Please tell us what you liked – you’re the reason we’re growing.