Tikamoon BLOG

Friday 6 April – 10.58 a.m.

Already up and at it at the crack of dawn, our team invades the photo shoot location… The sun is playing ball, the house absolutely stunning: everything is under control. It promises to be a great day! Careful, no one move, the wonderful Gladys is watching you… 

Getting set up

The work doesn’t start with the set up. First of all, all the furniture needs to be rearranged, the artwork taken down, the knick-knacks tidied… so, before the photo, the rearranging! 

Video clip

Even the cat get's involved...

An impromptu supervisor! Don’t be fooled: he sees everything! 

Everything is ready

The Tikamoon furniture is where it’s meant to be… The photo shoot can start! In an hour… we start again from scratch: new ambiance, new décor. Hasta la vista!

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