Tikamoon BLOG

Friday 27 April – 10.50 a.m.

It’s been keeping us waiting for what seems like forever, but the sun is finally paying us a visit! So, this morning we hit the road with our packed lorry, setting off for a little haven we spotted a few months ago. The light is gorgeous, the view stunning… it’s going to be hard to resist frolicking barefoot through the tall grass…

Checking out the location

A long terrace overlooking the surrounding countryside, a sun lounge flooded with light and a wooden porch as décor… The setting is idyllic.

Video clip

Setting the scene

There’s no time to enjoy the view, there’s work to do and the temperature is quickly rising! The workshop vibe under the porch, the wire collections on the terrace to avoid blocking the view and the teak sets in the garden. Everything is ready maestro…

The day is coming to an end

It’s already time to say goodbye to this beautiful house and hit the road again! Calm and silence will be restored in this inspiring location…

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