Friday 22 June – 10.36 a.m.

Shoots are often a chance to meet up with some really interesting people. These welcoming words from Pierre and Amandine, the wonderful owners hosting us today are great to hear on arrival! The sun’s shining. The planets seem to be perfectly aligned and the day promises to be fabulous… exhausting, no doubt, but fabulous.

Arranging the set is a job in itself

Installing bathroom furniture always requires a bit of skill. Gladys isn’t alone. Everyone pitches in and the house’s temporary transformation is carried out amid a great atmosphere.

In movie

Under control

A quick glance at a stray lock of hair and we get going again! Creating a beautiful photo requires care and application. Move a piece of furniture here, hang a mirror there, check the lighting, without forgetting of course to have a drink to quench your thirst… after all you don’t need to making yourself collapse.

A specialist’s eye

Regularly, check the angle, lighting and quality of the shots. It’s not just about taking pictures. You have to be able to go back to the office with arms full of great photos! Photos that express what it was like on set. Nothing less than that…

It’s in the bag… or nearly!

A last look at the models, passing a duster over the mirror one last time and cleverly arrange the odd forgotten towel on the shelf. Thank you all. Another beautiful day…