Tikamoon BLOG

Friday 20 April – 9.12 a.m.

After arriving at the photo shoot location early in the morning, our team gets stuck in. Step one: carefully move all of the owners’ furniture out, remove the mirrors, tidy away all the knick-knacks… Step two: the Tikamoon collections quickly find their natural place in the space… The day can begin.

An armchair here, a table over there...

The Tikamoon furniture is installed in rooms that have been emptied beforehand

Video clip

Fancy chilling out?

There’s no time to relax. How could you not be tempted by the bed and its inviting sheets… but there isn’t a minute to spare. We have to set up the room, shoot, remove everything, create new décors, set up the new collections… It’s a long day but it flies by!

A last glance

One last check that everything is where it should be. The photo shoot can commence!

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