Tikamoon BLOG

Friday 2 March 11.47 a.m.

A quick break, after unloading, installing and assembling the first décor, to share this new day in picture form! Another day full of laughs and cheerfulness, with just a few tough patches (particularly when hunger gets the better of you)! 

Getting set up

The golden rule: versatility.

Because snapping a fab picture involves much more than just pressing the shutter button. You have to know how to use a hoover just as much as a camera, or unload a lorry while imagining youself in a new décor…

And all with a smile… which isn’t easy for everyone!


In the heat of the action

You have to know how to run.
Hold the mirror, check the result, adjust…
Because on a photo shoot location, you definitely can’t drill holes
in the owners’ walls!



Attention to detail

Just like at home. Find the right spot of each element.
Because creating a look is also about being able to imagine yourself in a living space.


When doubt creeps in...

Black wall or white wall?
Black or grey rug?
That’s when it gets complicated… Its 1 o’clock, time for lunch?

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