Behind the scenes of the children’s photo shoot: rediscover the emotions of childhood

When a child is playing in their room, the wardrobe becomes a hiding place for treasure or a doll’s house; the bed, a canoe on an Amazonian River; the desk, a runway or a motorway.
Flowers grow on the walls, animals frolic on the bedside table and dreams are not only for night time. Nothing should hinder the spontaneous flow of the imagination. Each piece of furniture, each object becomes a pretext for daydreaming, a piece of a puzzle that enables new explorations. Transforming a gloomy afternoon, into an expedition full of wild animals. Inventing to understand, experimenting to grow. Specialists call this ‘symbolic play’. It’s a wonderful time of magical thinking. 

Working on this photo shoot, we were obviously thinking about your children – what they need, what they want, what they like – but we were also, each of us, trying to rediscover our inner child, trying to recapture the thrill of being a child, in order to create the best environments possible. 

So, we created settings that will allow children lots of freedom – to dream, jump and move about safely. We’re promoting organised ‘chaos’, where children can give full rein to their imagination. A place where they can inhabit their own world, where there’s plenty of free space for them to invent things for themselves. 

To feed their dreams, we have also paid great attention to decorative accessories: small cheerful pennants, large decorative elements depicting real or imaginary animals, large format fruits and carpet rainbows.

And then we asked ourselves how we could encourage their independence. Growing up is about learning to stand on your own two feet. How could we furnish the bedroom or playroom in a way that would help children to tidy (or untidy!) it easily? 

During this photo shoot, we exercised not only our muscles, to set up the furniture, but also our heads and our hearts, to give voice to our inner child. We sought to create a peaceful haven that opens the door to dreams and will allow your precious children and teenagers to grow up well and thrive.
It was moment suspended in time: rediscovering your inner child is a wonderful feeling!