The coffee table is often the star of the living room. It holds this eminent position, in a room that is often packed full of furniture and other types of furnishing that are all competing for attention, because of its position in the centre of the space. From the viewpoint of the chairs and sofas that surround it, the coffee table becomes the focal point of activity, an island that stands out in the centre of the room. This all makes the coffee table a particularly useful style feature of the room when you want to renew or re-energise the style of your living room.

Tikamoon have a variety of different coffee tables on offer that all bring something slightly different to the equation:

Villa is one of tikamoon’s most eye catching furniture collections. The style features that bind all the different pieces together are the sheesham wood, strong lines and cubic form of the designs. The Villa coffee table is a prime example. It has a simple but clever design that combines a handy under shelf and table surface in a single, flowing wooden form. The singularity of the style and the warm colours of the wood, give the peace a calming, homely feel that can have a great impact on the ambience in your living room.



Nova is another one of our large, signature collections that covers a wide range of furniture types and rooms. The Nova coffee table employs the same sheesham wood but brings out a completely different look. The stainless steel legs completely change the impact of the sheesham wood. It gives the table a refined, modern edge that is going to energise the space, making it feel fresh and new.


The Round Modern Coffee Table approaches the art of furniture making from a completely different angle. There is no solid wood in this design. Beautiful, carved, genuine natural marble takes its place. Marble has a unique colour scheme that oozes class.




Take your time to browse the full tikamoon catalogue and see for yourself how powerful coffee table designs can be.