Traditional Chinese furniture has an iconic style. There is a delicacy to the forms of Chinese furniture, which you don’t find in many other styles. Part of an ancient tradition of arts and culture, Chinese furniture is bound to bring something a little bit different to your living room. Tikamoon offer a new range of cupboards and wardrobes that carry off the distinctive style of Chinese design with real finesse.

With the Yuki cupboard, Tikamoon have taken a very traditional, formulaic Chinese design and added a bit of spice. The conventional cuboid shape is beset with an interesting locker style handle, which gives the cupboard its distinctive Chinese look. But the most striking feature is the paint job. Tikamoon have furnished the cupboard in a deep, fuschia red colour with a lacquer finish. This colour scheme gives the traditional design a modern edge. If your living room or bedroom is starting to feel a little drab and lifeless, the Yuki cupboard might be the perfect thing.



Tikamoon’s Yuki Cupboard


If you are looking for something slightly more traditional and don’t want a cupboard that is going to stand out and demand attention, you could go for the Coline Toudo wardrobe. The Coline Toudo has a more demure colour scheme and features another of those unquestionably Chinese style features, shuttered cupboard doors. The Coline Toudo is best for rooms which already have a few eye catching features and require a cupboard with sophistication to reinforce the class of the current decor. Situate the Coline Toudo in a corner of your room and it will add it will make the space feel warm and comfortable thanks to its deep brown colour tone.


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Tikamoon’s Coline Toudo Wardrobe