A solid wood bathroom cabinet can bring a new dimension to your bathroom space. The wood will give the bathroom a warmth that other materials cannot. Wood holds heat well, is warm to the touch and looks fantastic. Think about the warm wooden cabins and saunas of Scandinavia, which are warmth personified against the backdrop of pine tree and cold winter frost, and you will have some idea of the effect that solid wooden furniture can have on your bathroom.

Tikamoon have a great selection of solid wood bathroom washstands and cabinets that can are a great starter point for people who are looking to convert their porcelain and MDF furniture into marble and solid wood furniture. Take the Louise solid oak bathroom cabinet with its stone surface piece. This cabinet is going to spruce up your bathroom space thanks to its effortless class. The design is not too opulent and you can set the cabinet against any other furniture and decor arrangement to great effect.




The Mya teak vanity cabinet is another fully integrated sink and washstand unit that brings a completely different tone to the bathroom space. It has a much more casual, laid back feel that will make your bathroom feel like a place to relax and re-energise.