Asia is the home to some amazing natural resources: Brilliantly colourful stone and minerals, such as marble and igneous rock are mined from stone rock faces and caverns that are chock full of opulent wonders. Meanwhile grains and spices grow abundantly in the fields, where they receive plentiful sunlight and torrential rains. Perhaps no resource has had more practical use though than bamboo, the largest grass plant in the world. The leaves of these rampantly, fast-growing plants are column shaped, hard and strong. This gives them excellent applications in construction and hand crafts. Walk down the streets of a city in Indonesia or Malaysia today and you are bound at some point to see bamboo being used to scaffold a building project. Networks of Giant Bamboo chutes are built up around a building and provide a frame on which the construction workers can go to work on their tasks.

Another application of bamboo is in furniture. It serves a great purpose in beds, where the Giant Bamboo chutes form the base structure and smaller varieties the head board. Because of its eastern origins a bamboo bed is instantly recognisable as having an Asian design style. This style is associated with calmness, relaxation, meditation and goodwill, all of which are tenets of Asian religions. A bamboo bed can bring these characteristics into your space, with their light, unfussy colour tones and low slung form. Below you will see the Tikamoon Balyss Bed and Balyss headboard.





Tikamoon’s Balyss Bamboo Bed 




Tikamoons Balyss Bamboo Headboard


For a bed with a similar style but a slightly different feel. You could opt for a standard solid wood bed and a driftwood headboard. As these are pieces of river wood they have a slightly less formulaic shape. On close inspection you will see that the wooden beams, which constitute the headboard each have their own individual character. They also have a slightly lighter, less earthy look than the bamboo, giving the headboard a more ethereal presence.




Tikamoon’s River Driftwood Bed Headboard