Solid wood is the perfect material for bathroom furniture. Unlike porcelain, plastic and other ceramics it retains heat, which means it will make your bathroom feel cosy and warm. Meanwhile, the natural colour tones of the graining in the wood ,will add colour to a space in the home that often feels somehow lifeless and cold.

There are a number of vanity cabinets on offer in the Tikamoon catalogue that are made from hard woods  including pine, mahogany, sheesham and teak. These units have one thing in common. They are robust and will last as long as you need them if treated well. They have a number of features that set them apart though. We have designed our catalogue to have variety and to stimulate your creative instincts. You will consequently find that there are an array of different styles and designs in our collections. our designers are always thinking about how to represent your tastes and how to create new ones.

Here are a few furniture ideas that might inspire you to invest in solid wooden units for your bathroom:

This is the Mary Lou bathroom cabinet. It has an unusual cuboid design that poses some interesting opportunities for how you might set up your bathroom. The Mary Lou is small and compact, yet optimises shelf space by using every inch possible for storing your towels, and bathroom products. One idea is to place the Mary Lou in the centre of our bathroom rather than against the wall. This can actually free up space for mirrors and enhance the wall decorative wall space in the room. Meanwhile, it offsets the usual bathroom structure and makes the space feel more intriguing.


Mary Lou Washstand

For a distinctively Scandinavian look try the Leenda, Modular vanity cabinet. Composed of two separate shelf and washstand units this is a super flexible arrangement with a classic look. Like the Mary Lou this one is a space saver that’s going to help you to optimise how you use your bathroom.


Leenda bathroom washstand