The Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang is an ancient idea about how forces that appear to be opposites are often the parts of a beautiful whole. An example would be night and day, which form the boundaries by which we measure the passage of time. We wouldn’t be able to understand the beauties of the day or the night if we weren’t able to experience their opposite.


With the Yin and Yang bookcase, Tikamoon have taken the famous symbol of Yin and Yang as inspiration for our design. The circular whole of the bookcase is split into two halves which are designed to match perfectly when they are place together, as a singular circle. This makes a unique design that can bring some real originality to a living room. The bookcase is made from solid teak and this makes it rock steady despite its curvature. The bookcase is designed so that the two parts can be split.  They can be placed on different sides of the room to great effect, bringing colour and warmth to the space around them, thanks to the deep shading of the wood. Despite the fact that they are inhabiting different spaces in the room, it will be self evident that they are a part of a whole. This is a physical manifestation of the spiritual aspect of Yin and Yang.




The Yin and Yang bookcase


Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little more discrete, we would recommend the Yin and Yang wall mounted shelf system. Similar in shape to the bookcase, it can be fixed to a wall in your bedroom or kitchen, saving you plenty of valuable floor space.




The wall mounted Yin and Yang shelf system. Great for a kitchen or bedroom.