Porcelain has become the most common sight in a British bathroom. Porcelain sinks, porcelain toilets, porcelain baths, porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiled worktop surfaces are also an occasional sight. This material has its virtues: It is strong and robust, which means it lasts a long time. It is also cheap, thanks to the availability of the raw materials that are heated to make it. It is understandable therefore that it is the material of choice for many homeowners.

Tikamoon, however, doesn’t like to follow the status quo. We take an alternative angle to the majority of furniture companies, who build their bathroom collection around porcelain sinks, toilets, baths and tiles. Instead, we specialise in rarer, more desirable materials that can bring your bathroom to life. Browse through our washbasin’s collection and you will immediately get a handle on this.

In the washbasins collection, you will find items in brown, black, cream and grey shades of marble, igneous volcanic rocks, such as basalt and smoothed river stones. These are all super hard, robust materials that will last the course. They also have a quality which porcelain does not. They can bring light and colour to the room. Casting away the clinical, soulless appearance of the porcelain, and replacing it with beautiful, warm swathes of colour. Thirdly, the marble we offer is not that expensive. In fact it is on a par with the porcelain washbasins that we have in our collection.

You will find that a lot of our washbasins are made in unconventional styles. There is real variety in the shapes providing plenty of options. Take a look at some examples below:


Bahya Black Marble Washbasin



Square Cream Marble Pedestal Washbasin



Amazone Basalte Washbasin