We’re now in the thick of summer and although it’s not been vintage, hot weather this year, we’ve had a few runs of sunny days in fits and starts. Being a nation of scant little sunny days, we are want to embrace the hot weather when it arrives. A hint of sunshine in early spring brings people out of their houses in shorts and t-shirt, with a throwaway BBQ slung under their shoulder and a spring in their step. We are nothing if not appreciative, when the sun finally gives us a piece of the action.

The Tikamoon outdoor furniture range is perfect for making the most of those precious summer days. The outdoor furniture is made from hard wearing materials, like solid hardwoods and treated metals. As we all know, British weather can be rather unpredictable. We can leave the furniture outside and uncovered while it rains and it will stay untarnished for when the rain stops. Take the Key Wood outdoor table and chairs set as an example. The design and look of the wood and metal immediately speak of furniture that has low maintenance. The wood has a warm brown tone, thanks to the treatment product, and the tubular metal has been prepared for hardy conditions.

One design idea is to have a set of table and chairs at the bottom of your garden as well as in the more conventional place, like your patio. The low-slung design of the Key Wood table and chairs makes them an ideal furniture arrangement for relaxation. Place them at the bottom of your lawn and they will provide a great place to chill out and enjoy the outdoors from another angle. You can leave them down there with peace of mind that you won’t need to bring them in until winter comes.