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Through our time-honoured approach to design we aim to create iconic objects. Our focus is on precision and simplicity.

Each feature of each piece of furniture we produce is painstakingly thought-out and then crafted by hand.

We only produce a limited number of issues of each design, to ensure that we stay committed to achieving perfect results every time

Stubenrauch’s furniture is unique.


The wood we use is FSC certified. This means it is sourced sustainably. Pleasing to the eye, our woods are coated with a chemical-free, natural oil, a technique that results in furniture pieces with a satin finish.

Stubenrauch’s furniture is unique. Each piece is crafted out of a unique piece of wood, whose marks, knots and shades are a mark of authenticity. Variations in temperature and humidity can result in the appearance of small cracks, a reminder of the exclusivity and preciousness of this natural material.


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