The Miho collection,
movable, modular furniture

More than ever, our homes have become a safe haven for each of us. The main rooms have left their traditional roles behind and become real living spaces: where we eat, work from home, entertain, and play with our children…
Our designers have thought deeply about this new way of everyday living. They have come up with furniture that’s movable, modular, beautiful and really practical too: the Miho collection. 


Miho low bookcase in solid teak 


Miho tall bookcase in solid teak 

Miho is a series of modules that can be combined and stacked as you please. Like children’s building blocks, simply combine and/or stack the basic pieces, the “cubes”, storage spaces with variable and modifiable sections. The three drawers simply slide in to the top or bottom, depending on the look or use you want, it’s up to you. 

A low or high bookcase, shelving that fits the available space exactly, a removable partition to separate two spaces in the living room or in a children’s bedroom… Miho is the smart way to create extra space, and is also (not an unimportant detail!) a clever response to the general clutter that could soon take over! 


Miho low bookcase in teak and White premium terrazzo 


Miho low bookcase in teak and pink premium terrazzo 

The modules cannot be stacked if they are fitted with a terrazzo top, but do create a high-performance worktop. This premium terrazzo is shockproof, scratch- and abrasion-resistant and is made of marble and recycled stone with a unique finish. 

Here at Tikamoon, we are really attached to this collection which allows you to express your creativity and adapt the modules to your needs. Thanks to Miho , living rooms have never been so aptly named, and everyone can have their own space without encroaching on the freedom of others. Your home becomes flexible, a place of sharing. 

Note: Miho furniture is FSC® certified, which guarantees that the solid teak of its structure comes from sustainably managed forests. To learn more about our FSC® commitment, please read this article