Solid wood has a warm and homely quality that cannot be replicated by MDF or wood veneer furniture. The Tikamoon solid elm and metal coffee tables stand are a case in point. Made from beautiful, recycled elm wood and metal, these coffee tables have a presence in the room that pays testament to the quality of the materials and the artistry of the craftsmanship that has gone into their production.

The wood and the metal both have an aged look that gives the table a presence in the living room. The metal has the look of the heavy iron, that would have been used in the tables made by our grandfathers, grandfathers. The wood, meanwhile is composed of a number of pieces that have been carefully cut from a piece of recycled wood and expertly joined. These are the kind of tables blend in with the decor around them, giving the room a feeling of assured quality.

The Gatsby Elm coffee table has a cross stitch parquet style wooden piece arrangement across its rectangular surface. This classic design is finished off by a metal leg support structure composed of 3 parallel bars, with flourished joints. The result is a modern coffee table that pays homage to all the beauty of its old fashioned forbearers.




Gatsby Elm and Metal Coffee Table


The Lancelot Elm and Metal Coffee Table has lots of things in common with the Gatsby: It’s combination of recycled elm and iron-look metal and its table surface, composed of individually carved, wooden pieces. The oval shape though changes the effect that it has on the room. It is somewhat less regal than the Gatsby and has a slightly more modern feel.



The Lancelot Elm and Metal Coffee Table